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Sneak peak into my latest works, an inside look at creative process, as well as news on upcoming exhibits and studio sales

New Website

I am excited to announce that I have a new website. it is the same URL, but it is completely revamped.  Please check it out.  If you have any suggestions, p,ease send me a note.

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Four Color Challenge

The Clearwater Gallery in Sisters, Oregon, has invited local artists to show painting done in a limited palette. The challenge is for each artists is to produce two paintings using only four colors and white. I am excited and honored to have the chance to display my...

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Studio Sale

After 7 years in Portland, I have decided to make a change.  I quit my day job and am moving back to Sisters.  I will miss Portland but I am excited to move back to Central Oregon.  I am not excited about moving my studio.  As you all can imagine,...

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The Bridges of Portland

These are painted with watercolor on Yupo paper.  The Yupo is a synthetic paper that does not absorb the water. So the water and pigment sit on top of the paper, making the painting all but unpredictable.  It releases me of all my expectations.  It is really fun and I...

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Watermelon Value Study

Value does the work and color gets the glory. If you get the lights, darks, and contrast right, then the painting will work regardless of the color.  I tried to make that work in this painting.  I did a reasonably good job which shows in the black and white image.

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Value study

  I took a vacation. It was a wonderful trip, then life got busy and I didn’t make time for art. At that point, the creative process in my life all but came to a complete stop. When that happens, it is always hard to get started again. Once the momentum is gone,...

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